Risen With The SON Ministries

Blessings and welcome to our website.

The purpose of this ministry and this website is to encourage and, yes, we all need to be admonished as believers to fulfill the commandment that Christ Jesus gave to us ALL.  That commandment was, and still is, to take the Gospel message to the whole world making disciples who would then do likewise.

The Chrisitan church, as a whole has been woefully laxed in doing so.  We believe that we are in "End Times."  All the signs and prophecies indicate this is so.  We may not have much time to share the Gospel to our brother or sister, mother or father, or our best friends or other acquaintances.  While it is certainly true that we cannot make anyone believe, for sure there is even less of a chance if none of us take the time to witness to them.

Most assuredly, I cannot imagine any believer being unconerned about the fate of his/her family members, as well as, other people we love.  We cannot assume that someone else is going to do it.  We, you and I, may well be the only one between them and an eternity in Hell.  Of course, the truth is we should not stop with just family and close friends.  Jesus said ALL the world.  That means all the world!

We, here at Risen with The SON Ministries, have literature available at no charge that may support you in that mission.  Please feel free to contact us directly at

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