Risen With The SON Ministries

In the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, I welcome you to our website.  It has been quite some time since I have changed this greeting and I ask forgiveness from  my Father for the procrastination, as well as, from any of you who visit the website from time to time.

I recognize that you may be from any part of the world and that my message is to be for all people; but, since I live here in the USA, I cannot but help addresss the issues taking place in our country.

As I look at the sharp moral and religious decline that has taken place in our country, it truly breaks my heart.  Our national motto of, "In God We Trust" has become a by-word.  Certainly if the majority of the people trust in God, it is not "The God of the Universe."  People in our nation, and I dare say throughout the world, have created their own gods.  Some perhaps with some semblance of "religion" behind it, but most likely a more worldly basis, i.e.,money, power or political or ideological beliefs.

For those of us who do trust in God, it makes us wonder how long The Almighty can and will withhold His wrath.  The evil, hatred, divisiveness and violence throughout the entire world today, I believe, is unparalleled.  In the past, God punished His people for similar activities; but it has become so widespread and deep seated now that it is hard to imagine that something may not soon occur.  As God's people, are we living up to the standards put forth by God as to how we are to live and trust?

We already see numerous catastrophic events occurring around the globe.  Recently, we have witnessed hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and volcanoes, just to name some.  And, certainly there are climate changes occurring; however, people that do not know the Lord attribute much of this to man's influence.  But, if people refuse to believe it is of a cyclical nature, and just believe the world runs on its own by man alone and man's decisions, they will never understand the power of God.  Granted, man in some ways has not been a good steward of that which God created; but, God is ultimately in control and perhaps He may be desperately trying to warn humanity to seek Him and His ways.  Not so much ecologically, but, to turn to Him for guidance and wisdom and to be obedient to Him and to put "our trust" in Him and His beloved Son, Jesus Christ.  This is not just true for the United States but the entire world!

It is so hard to find much that is positive in our society today.  Those that do trust in the Lord are belittled, and in many places, outright persecuted.  For believers it seems like such an uphill battle; it is.  But it is one worth fighting.  Ours is the victory!  And we must try  to be an instrument in bringing as many others with us as we can.  This is the purpose of this ministry.  We are here to encourage those who are already saved to reach out to those who are floundering in the sea, and to pull them into the boat with us.*

Reach out today to others and share God's love and Gospel message.  Maybe your words and your prayers can keep them from drowning.

God bless and love to all.

In Christ,


*We always offer FREE literature for anyone who wishes to  use it to be a witness to others.  Just contact us for the items.